Nath Opticians made a small beginning in the year 1956 as an Optical Retail Shop . Today its services include Spectacle and Contact Lens Dispensing, Vision check up, Eye & Ear Clinic and Hearing Aid Dispensing. They have their own Lens manufacturing facility, wherein lenses of the international quality are produced. 


Right from the beginning the emphasis of the Company has been on providing Quality products and services, with 100% satisfaction to customers. Today it is identified as Trusted House hold name in Vision Care,  not only in Kanpur, but entire Northern India.


It has a team of highly skilled professionals, which include an Ophthalmologist, a Glass Expert, Contact Lens & Hearing Aid Specialists and highly skilled Sales staff.  It has its own training centre under the name & style of Institute of Optical Advancement & Vocational Studies. 


Services provided by Nath Opticians:

Complete Vision Check up and Sight Testing by Qualified Eye Specialists.Professional Counseling & advice to fulfill your visual needs by highly skilled staff.