A spectacle is a device that improves your visual ability. It is, therefore, pertinent that you derive maximum benefit from your new spectacle. Right from selection of a proper frame to choosing the appropriate lenses, which fulfill your professional, recreational, & aesthetic requirements, calls for professional advice and guidance, which is termed as Counseling Service.

Given below are some helpful hints that will make your spectacle much more adaptable:

1. Frame Size: If you are existing wearer, then you already know the frame size, which is written on the inside, arm of the frame. If , however, you are a fresh user, the table below will assist you in deeding the frame size:


Gender Face Profile Frame Size
Men Small 48 - 50
Medium 50 - 52
Large 54 - 56
Women Small 46 - 48
Medium 48 - 50
Large 52 - 54


2. Nose Bridge :


Narrow Nose 14 - 16
Medium Shape 16 - 18
Wide Nose 18 - 22


3. Lens Power: With the increasing power, the lens thickness increases at the periphery in case of minus lenses, and in the centre, in case of plus lenses. Frame size should be small if total power exceeds +/- 3.00 Diopter.


4. Likewise, High Index Lenses should be used for lens power exceeding +/- 6.00 Diopters.


5. Anti – Reflection coating ( ARC) is recommended for increased vision, especially in the night and to eliminate reflected images.


6. In case of Bifocal Lenses, the Frame width should be adequate to accommodate both distance and near powers. The frame width ( Also called the B-Dimension) should not be less than 28 mms.


7. In case of Progressive Power lenses the frame width should be at least 30 mms.