Spectacle making is both an Art and Science. The level of satisfaction will, amongst many factors, would depend upon knowledge and skill of the Optician.

Nath Opticians is a trusted household name in Vision Care for past 60 years. They have a highly professional team comprising of an Ophthalmologist, a Glass Expert, Contact Lens Specialist and so on. They have the ability of solving complex and complicated cases.


Some of the common symptoms of weak eye are : Hazy, Blurred, or Double vision in seeing distance or near vision objects. Some of the prominent symptoms in case of children are, sitting too close to the TV or closing one eye to watch TV or while reading a book, Frequent eye rubbing, Sensitivity to light and/or excessive tearing. Besides any unusual symptom while playing, or watching TV or reading a book should not be ignored.


You should get your eyes examined by an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Please contact our customer care at +91-9811086960 for a list of recommended Eye Specialists in your area.


To Place Order Online, please follow the steps below:

4.1 Select a Frame and add to cart. In case of difficulty, please see our Frame Selection Guide or call Customer Care.

4.2 Next to select a Lens, please see our Lens Selection Guide and select the appropriate lenses to meet your requirement, and add to Cart. In case of difficulty, please call Customer Care.


There are a variety of lenses to match your professional and recreational requirements. See our Lens Selection Guide


Antireflection Coating ( ARC) is applied to lenses to reduce the effect of reflection from the lens surface and increase the Transmission. As such ARC Lenses can be helpful in Night Driving


Yes, you can get thinner lenses by opting for High Index Lenses. Please select the lens most suited for your requirement by referring to our Lens Selection Guide. In case of difficulty, please call Customer Care.


Working on a computer for an extended period of time can lead to eye strain. Anti-reflective coating can reduce eyestrain, by eliminating the reflected light from lens surface.

Like wise, if glare from the computer screen or from well illuminated room has been bothering you, it will be advisable to use slightly tinted lenses. Therefore, depending upon your symptoms and need , you may wear ARC Lenses or slightly tinted lenses or combination of both .


If you are nearing the age of Forty years, and have started facing problem in reading fine prints, it could well be a sign of Presbyopia – the age related vision problem. You will be required to get your eyes examined and may need to start using Bifocal or Progressive Power Lenses.


The choice of using Bifocal or Progressive is very much subjective. Yet, as a general guideline, Progressive Power Lenses are close to restoring natural vision. If you are required to see distance objects, intermediate objects ( computer operation), and near objects, as part of routine work, then Progressive Power lenses are most suited for you. If however, your work is mostly out doors, with very little near work, even bifocal lenses may suit you.

Those patients, who have been earlier using Bifocal Lenses, to take longer to adapt to Progressive Power Lenses.


A good sunglass should completely absorb ultraviolet rays and provide uniform transmission in the visible region, so that the color of the object remains unchanged by wearing it. Neutral Gray and Brown lenses are considered good. The lens surface should be smooth, free of any distortion or visual defects.


Polarized Sunglasses, also known as Fisherman glasses, are very helpful in eliminating reflected light from any surface such as Water, Snow or Road. These are highly recommended near sea beach, Hill Stations (Snow clad mountains), or wherever reflected light is in abundance.


Yes, the contact lenses can be worn for almost all the prescriptions. In fact Contact Lenses have emerged as a convenient vision correcting options for millions of patients around the world. These have worked as boon for patients with high plus or minus numbers.

Yet the dispensing of contact lenses, is again, both an art and science. You should take proper advice before opting for Contact Lenses. Please refer to our Contact Lens Guide or call our Customer care.